Portsmouth Music and Arts Center is offering a workshop based on our show The Adventures of Oliver Z. Wanderkook allowing students an opportunity to learn how to create a brand new multi-media production through collaboration. Wanderkook, which will be presented at West End Studio Theatre (PMAC’s neighbor) on June 16-25, 2017, is a true collaboration among regional artists. With an original script by Dan Beaulieu, music by Jonny Peiffer and artwork by Dean Diggins, it also includes dance and animation­­ —all combined to mesmerizing effect to tell the fantastic story of Wanderkook’s meetings with the many tribes of an undiscovered land. Over the course of the week, with guidance from collaborators Catherine Stewart and Jonny Peiffer, students will create their very own chapters in this story, developing new scenes and characters together. They will then learn to incorporate music, creative writing, art, animation, and more to tell their original story. Students will learn how to communicate with artists of different disciplines and media, while working together toward a shared ultimate goal. The week will culminate with a performance of the students’ creation.

CAMP DAY/TIME: June 26 – June 30, Monday – Friday, 9:00am-3:00pm; Performance on Saturday, July 1

For ages 10-14

TUITION: $400 ($390 with PMAC Card)

Register Today: Contact Katie Grazier at PMAC - katie@pmaconline.org