An Immersive trip through
the land of the two suns...

Famed explorer Oliver Z. Wanderkook is missing. Circulus Arts invites audiences to piece together his last expedition from journal fragments that have washed ashore. Presented as a guided exhibit, participants are immersed in an evening of live music, dance, animation, and spoken word. Their own trip through the Land of the Two Suns is an exploration of identity, community, self-expression, and collaboration.

The Wanderkook Project began in 2007, based on a series of illustrations by dance luminary Dean Diggins and an accompanying score by Circulus co-founder Jonny Peiffer. Since then, collaborators working in text, movement and film have contributed towards work that explores Kook’s journey.

In June of 2017, this rich world was fully realized into a staged immersive experience in The Adventures of Oliver Z. Wanderkook. The show, produced and curated by Circulus Arts, fuses music, dance, illustration, animation, film, and spoken word to explore a tale of community and identity.

In the early part of 2017, audiences met Wanderkook through a unique open rehearsal process presented at venues throughout the New England Seacoast. Wanderkook’s Field Notes was a series of Work-in-Progress events encouraging audiences to engage with the development of this multi-disciplinary work.


The Adventures of Oliver Z. Wanderkook is currently booking regional and national tour dates. Our modular production can be suited to play in a variety of venues including (but certainly not limited to!) concert halls, dance rooms, bars, theaters, and classrooms. 


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